Japan – the world’s leading transport technology test-bed

2008-06-19T12:00:57Z (GMT) by Marcus Enoch
Transport in Japan is characterised by high rail use (modal share of 27% compared to 7% in the EU-25) and relatively low car use and car ownership (61% compared with 77% and 413 vehicles per 1000 people compared to 468 vehicles per 1000 people), despite a slightly higher per capita GDP. Bus use and domestic air modal shares meanwhile are broadly comparable (6% in Japan compared with 8% in EU-25 for both modes). In addition, Japan is widely perceived to effectively operate an incredibly complex transport system. One area of particular interest, is that a unique combination of contextual factors has led to a whole range of innovative technological solutions being designed, implemented and operated and it is these transport modes that this feature aims to explore.