Keeping abreast of the times

2007-02-07T11:19:33Z (GMT) by Hazel J. Scott Alastair G. Gale
For the past 15 years we have run a national scheme (PERFORMS – personal performance in mammographic screening) which gathers data concerning how breast screening radiologists interpret sets of difficult screening cases. The scheme functions as an educational exercise and is funded by the NHS Breast Screening Programme as part of their quality assurance. Initially participants viewed sets of difficult mammograms on radiographic multi-viewers and recorded their opinions on paper and subsequently these data were input into spreadsheets for analysis. The next development was to utilise a hand-held PDA, coupled with a bar code reader, to simplify the data recording and provide the potential for some immediate feedback on an individual’s performance. In the latest incarnation a tablet PC is now used with a GUI which allows the radiologists both to record their decisions quickly and easily and also to provide very detailed performance feedback possibilities. The evolution of the approach is described.