Key factors relating to good practice in the teaching and learning of Key Stage 3 design and technology

2006-05-04T17:03:42Z (GMT) by Ricky Wilkinson
Designing and making aids for children with special needs in the community is a project that has been running successfully since 1991 for all year 8 pupils at St James Middle School. Referrals come from Occupational Therapists or from staff at special schools. Pupils work in design teams and collaboratively design and make devices to aid the development of children with disabilities. Visits enable problems to be researched and exact details of the client's requirements to be brought into the design. The finished design is tested with the child and any required modifications made before the team presents it for use. Research has identified key factors that contribute to the success of the project: Collaboration and Problem Solving in Design and Make Activities Sustained Motivation - including underachieving boys The Developed Successful Pedagogy Quality of Outcomes The paper explores these key factors.