Key performance indicators for successful simulation projects

There are many factors that may contribute to the successful delivery of a simulation project. To provide a structured approach to assessing the impact various factors have on project success, we propose a top-down framework whereby 15 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are developed that represent the level of successfulness of simulation projects from various perspectives. They are linked to a set of Critical Success Factors (CSF) as reported in the simulation literature. A single measure called Project’s Success Measure (PSM), which represents the project’s total success level, is proposed. The framework is tested against 9 simulation exemplar cases in healthcare and this provides support for its reliability. The results suggest that responsiveness to the customer’s needs and expectations, when compared with other factors, holds the strongest association with the overall success of simulation projects. The findings highlight some patterns about the significance of individual CSFs, and how the KPIs are used to identify problem areas in simulation projects.