LDA measurements of feed annulus effects on combustor liner port flows

2010-04-27T10:49:45Z (GMT) by Adrian Spencer James J. McGuirk
A detailed LDA experimental study is reported on the effect of variations in feed annulus conditions on port flow jet characteristics. The data are relevant to primary and dilution jet flows as found in gas-turbine combustor liners. Alteration of jet velocity ratios and associated bleed flows past the jet ports for a typical annulus height/port diameter configuration was observed to produce significant variations in separation regions in the annulus, distortions in downstream annulus profiles, and jet exit conditions. Profiles of jet exit velocity, flow angle, and turbulent kinetic energy distribution have been provided which should prove invaluable as boundary conditions for related CFD studies. For the first time the influence of swirl in the approach annulus was examined, at a level consistent with residual swirl passing down the annulus from compressor exit conditions. Noticeable deviations in jet characteristics were again observed, reducing jet entry angles by some 20 deg over the rear half of the port.