Landlords/compound managers: change makers to improve and sustain communal latrine use and maintenance

Shared latrines are the most common primary means of sanitation in the high-density slums in Dhaka city where maintaining cleanliness and functionality is difficult. We developed a cleanliness and maintenance intervention package that included behaviour change materials and interpersonal communication sessions with slum residents, landlords/compound managers, waste bin emptiers regarding flushing, latrine waste disposal in waste bins and safe child feces disposal. We evaluated the role of landlord/ compound managers and explored the mechanism by which they contributed to this intervention. We conducted focus group discussions with landlords/compound managers, community health promoters (CHPs) and tenants, group discussions with CHP supervisors and key informant interviews with the staff member of implementing agency. CHPs and their supervisors said landlords/compound managers supported their efforts to implement this intervention. We found landlords/compound managers play a reinforcing role in the intervention.