Large linear magnetoresistivity in strongly inhomogeneous planar and layered systems

2006-04-12T16:50:00Z (GMT) by S.A. Bulgadaev Feodor Kusmartsev
Explicit expressions for magnetoresistance $R$ of planar and layered strongly inhomogeneous two-phase systems are obtained, using exact dual transformation, connecting effective conductivities of in-plane isotropic two-phase systems with and without magnetic field. These expressions allow to describe the magnetoresistance of various inhomogeneous media at arbitrary concentrations $x$ and magnetic fields $H$. All expressions show large linear magnetoresistance effect with different dependencies on the phase concentrations. The corresponding plots of the $x$- and $H$-dependencies of $R(x,H)$ are represented for various values, respectively, of magnetic field and concentrations at some values of inhomogeneity parameter. The obtained results show a remarkable similarity with the existing experimental data on linear magnetoresistance in silver chalcogenides $Ag_{2+\delta}Se.$ A possible physical explanation of this similarity is proposed. It is shown that the random, stripe type, structures of inhomogeneities are the most suitable for a fabrication of magnetic sensors and a storage of information at room temperatures.