Library and information services to support the education and development of nurses : the management of co-operation and change—a clash of two cultures?

2008-02-27T15:13:36Z (GMT) by Sue Capel Linda Banwell Graham Walton
This paper reports on the findings of research conducted by the Department of Information and Library Management and the Information Services Department at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle on behalf of the LINC Health Panel. It aims to investigate the organization and funding of library and information services to the nursing profession since the move of nurse education into higher education. The paper focuses on the lack of co-operation and communication between the National Health Service and higher education cultures in the provision of services to nurses. A brief review of the literature includes the views of experts in the field on library and information services and education for nurses as they are now, and ideas for possible developments for the future. This is followed by a description of the main research findings and the five key issues identified by information professionals in a questionnaire survey as vital for future consideration and action. Finally, the conclusions drawn from the findings have been developed into recommendations for the direction of the future discussion, research and action which is needed to further improve library and information services for all nurses.