Life cycle analysis: assessing the capital and operational expenditure of handpump preventive maintenance

2018-10-29T10:44:26Z (GMT) by Sam Butterworth Duncan McNicholl
This study aims to quantify the Capital Expense of rehabilitating 47 U2 hand pumps located in Kumi District, Uganda, as well as the ongoing Operational Expense of maintaining them. Results are meant to inform the resources required to reliably maintain hand pump functionality. Three influencing factors were investigated: the average cost of rehabilitation compared to age and depth of water source, the average annual cost of hardware replacement based on the expected lifespan of each pump component, and the actual cost of hardware replaced in the months following rehabilitation. Analysis shows no significant correlation between Capital Expenditure and either source depth or age. An estimate of the Operational component of life cycle cost determined that a U2 hand pump incurs an average annual Operational Expenditure of 469,397 UGX ($126.74), although the actual expenditure may be lower in the period immediately following source rehabilitation.