Linking offence histories to accident causation using OTS data: summary findings

2011-12-02T15:12:20Z (GMT) by Elizabeth Dodson
Offence history data were requested from Nottinghamshire and Thames Valley Police for 4,639 active road users involved in On The Spot (OTS) investigated collisions. Broadly categorised and anonymised offence data were sourced through Police National Computer (PNC) and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) records. This was linked to OTS data to create a unique dataset at each research centre (Transport Safety Research Centre (TSRC) and Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) which allows links between accident causation and offending to be explored (also taking account of road user characteristics). Police data coders were able to confirm the identity of 4,089 road users, and of these 1,910 had at least one offence identified (47%).