Linking science and technology in the primary school

2006-05-08T14:30:00Z (GMT) by E. Chadwick
All children are naturally inquisitive and inventive and enjoy learning science and technology. The two subjects are often intertwined in the primary school so that one feeds from the other. Scientific principles may be seen in inventions we all use everyday and may be introduced with ease to children of all abilities through a technological approach to learning which involves designing and making. Such science principles contribute to the physical sciences, an area in which primary teachers often have little experience and even find frightening. The debate over differences and similarities between science and technology as school subjects is well known but it is a debate which often confuses the non-specialist primary teacher. The outcome is that teachers often fail to recognise and understand that the principles are the same and can be traced almost identically to both National Curriculum documents. A teaching strategy is outlined.