Literature review to inform the future digitisation of Jobcentre Plus service delivery

One of the stated priorities for Jobcentre Plus in 2011/12 is to work towards delivering more of its services online and in formats that enable customers to access them by a range of means (Jobcentre Plus, 2010). This review was commissioned to provide Jobcentre Plus with an evidence-based foundation to help it meet this aim. In particular, it aimed to provide help to Jobcentre Plus in its thinking about how it might: • understand and respond to the current and projected levels and means of access to the internet in the UK (see Chapter 2); • improve the ‘customer appetite’ and willingness to use the internet, particularly among its customers who are potentially digitally excluded (see Chapter 3); and • learn lessons from the way in which online services have been provided by ‘leading edge’ organisations and the way in which e-Government has developed internationally and is developing in the UK (see Chapter 4). This summary highlights the key issues emerging from the review and concludes with an indication of some of the possible implications for Jobcentre Plus to consider as it develops its strategy for digitisation over the next few years. The summary is structured thematically in line with the main body of the report.