Logarithmic Frobenius structures and Coxeter discriminants

2006-04-05T12:18:21Z (GMT) by Mikhail V. Feigin Alexander Veselov
We consider a class of solutions of the WDVV equation related to the special systems of covectors (called V-systems) and show that the corresponding logarithmic Frobenius structures can be naturally restricted to any intersection of the corresponding hyperplanes. For the Coxeter arrangements the corresponding structures are shown to be almost dual in Dubrovin’s sense to the Frobenius structures on the strata in the discriminants discussed by Strachan. For the classical Coxeter systems this leads to the families of V-systems from the earlier work by Chalykh and Veselov. For the exceptional Coxeter systems we give the complete list of the corresponding _-systems. We present also some new families of V-systems, which can not be obtained in such a way from the Coxeter systems.