Looking forward and backward: implementing global mapping and monitoring tools: the case of Honduras

2018-02-12T15:09:34Z (GMT) by Kate Fogelberg Diana Betancourt
With the current emphasis on scaling up to meet the Millennium Development Goals, proper planning and allocation of resources are a must. Information management at the district level can be greatly enhanced with two simple tools: mapping exercises prior to beginning an intervention and sustainability data, collected through annual monitoring. But information management is not just an end in and of itself, as both mapping and monitoring processes and results allow for improvements to programming. This field note describes the global tools and their application in one country Honduras. Both tools have positively impacted fieldwork in Honduras. Mapping at the municipal level resulted in accurate coverage numbers, led to debates on coverage, ignited community participation at the municipal level, and increased fundraising. Monitoring in Honduras has allowed the organization to learn from its past successes and identify areas where programming can be improved, such as water quality and hygiene. Results, both positive and negative, are displayed on the organization’s website for a transparent look at both the challenges and successes of its fieldwork.