Loughborough Jewels: interactive exhibition to imbue memory with jewellery

2016-02-29T10:44:26Z (GMT) by Roberta Bernabei
Audience will be invited to interact with a wall installation. The latter will be composed by 50 brooches made with a 3D printer with a missing part. As the exhibition progresses, the original installation will be populated by a memory/memorial wall. In fact, the author of the exhibition will then add each participant’s memory in the missing part of the brooch. The visual manifestation of memories will be complemented by a digital archive of stories linked with memories related to Loughborough Town. The latter will be created with the application of the story telling practice and a questionnaire in order to gather qualitative and quantitative data. The end result will culminate in a digital archive of the 50 brooches with audience memories supported by findings of the research.