Low-cost fabrication of tunable band gap composite indium and gallium nitrides

III-nitride materials have been linked with a vast number of exciting applications from power electronics to solar cells. Herein, polycrystalline InN, GaN and systematically controlled InxGa1−xN composite thin flms are fabricated on FTO glass by a facile, low-cost and scalable aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition technique. Variation of the indium content in the composite flms leads to a dramatic shift in the optical absorbance properties, which correlates with the band edges shifting between those of GaN to InN. Moreover, the photoelectrochemical properties are shown to vary with indium content, with the 50% indium composite having an external quantum efciency of around 8%. Whilst the overall photocurrent is found to be low, the photocurrent stability is shown to be excellent, with little degradation seen over 1hour. These fndings demonstrate a new and low-cost method for fabricating polycrystalline III-nitrides, which have a range of interesting properties that are highly sought after for many applications.