Low profile dipole antenna backed by isotropic artificial magnetic conductor reflector

2012-06-29T08:31:34Z (GMT) by M.K.T. Al-Nuaimi William Whittow
In this paper, the design of high gain low profile antenna backed by isotropic Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) with an overall height of 0.045λ is introduced. First the AMC structure, which utilizes the well known Jerusalem Cross Frequency Selective Surface (JC−FSS) deployed on a grounded dielectric slab, is studied and investigated. It is shown that the JC−FSS offers stable resonance frequency with respect to the plane wave angle of incidence as an isotropic AMC medium, very compact size and acceptable bandwidth ≈ 13%. The return loss of wire dipole antennas placed closely and parallel above an ideal PEC (perfect electric conductor) and JC−FSS AMC structure are investigated and compared to each other. Both Ansoft HFSSTM and Ansoft DesignerTM have been used to predict the reflection phase stop band of the JC−FSS structure and the dipole antenna characteristics.