Machine utilisation and breaksdown modelling for measuring productivity using virtual engineering simulation modelling

Results accuracy and reliability of discrete event simulation (DES) models to predict the production line productivities are based on the unexpected breakdowns taken place by machine faults or human errors. Process modeller practices DES modelling to incorporate these breakdowns and corresponding mainte-nances up-to the machine level. But actually breakdowns are potentially taken place at process level com-ponents inside the machine/stations. Domains like Virtual Engineering (VE) allow user to emulate the ac-tual machine build from components using the CAD data and thus define the components level processes model exist inside the machine station. Therefore author came with idea to integrate VE and DES model up-to component level processes to get an improved simulation modelling to analyse the machines breakdowns for validating pre-build and after-build phases of machine development. Initially in this arti-cle it was proposed to produce an algorithm required to integrate and model the component–level DES model driven from the available emulated data models.