Main Battle Tank crew in-tank activities and workload

2018-03-05T10:08:11Z (GMT) by Julia G. Scriven
This thesis has examined Main Battle Tank (MBT) crew activities and workload. The aims were to provide a package of workload and fatigue indicators for use during field exercises; to document the 'in tank' activities of MBT crew; to provide a task analysis which includes an indication of task demands, and to draw general conclusions concerning the practical assessment of human workload. It is in two volumes. The first volume, which is unclassified, gives the background, presents reviews of relevant literature on task analysis and workload and gives an overview of the thesis. It then documents the studies and experiments which were carried out in order to refine the methodology, and to select a battery of measures of workload and fatigue which were suitable for use on military exercises. [Continues.]