Maintaining the quality and relevance of industrial resource materials for technology education: the technology in context national support programme

2006-05-08T15:12:24Z (GMT) by John Allum Heather Reid
A large number of companies are involved in the development and publication of resources for technology education. Whilst carrying information to teachers and pupils about technology in business and industrial context it is essential that the resources are of sound educational value and relate to the relevant attainment targets and programmes of study. This paper outlines a collaborative process for the development of a series of national curriculum technology resources with a number of different industrial sponsors. The clarification of process, content and the evolution of suitable pupil activities which can be resourced from the pack is discussed in terms of the industrial context and the programmes of study for Technology and EIU. From a number of potential start points the exemplar activities chosen offer strategies for progression and coherence in a number of different aspects of technology activity. The work of professional designers, architects and research and development engineers is seen in the context of investigating the needs of client and customer groups. Factors such as managing engineering and architectural projects to maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact are discussed and illustrated. For example, interactive and managed technological systems are used in the context of travel and leisure to introduce pupils to data handling and a variety of automated and controlled systems for information display and baggage handling.