Man-In-the-Middle, De-authentication and Rogue AP Attacks in 802.11 networks

We would like to share the log files (pcap file, collected with airodump-ng) of experiments conducted within the Networks group in Loughborough University. The experiments involve a wireless client associated to an AP and an attacker launching injection attacks (see more details below). The purpose of the experiments is to test our multi-layer fusion ideas for detection of injection type of attacks. We decided to share the data with the research community in an effort to help others test whether their ideas/algorithms can detect the malicious frames and as a platform for comparing results. Three main types of attacks have been launched using publicly available tools:
1) Man-In-The-Middle at the Physical Layer attack - using Airpwn tool
2) De-authentication Attack Using Aircrack-ng
3) Rogue Access Point (AP) attack

See attached description PDF file for further details.