Man's conscious and unconscious contribution to the environment: an exploration through drawings, paintings, prints and philosophical diary

2014-05-02T14:39:03Z (GMT) by Frank Cook
Mans conscious and unconscious contribution to the environment. An exploration through drawings, paintings, prints and philosophical diary, one man's reaction to chosen images from his surroundings. Mans creative aspirations now, as throughout history, have followed many pathways using all the accepted art forms be they visual, written, spoken, musical or in the form of movement. The underlying reasons for creative energy are many and extremely diverse. Less noticeable, yet equally prolific, is mankinds 'unconscious' creative contribution to his environment and to the very substance of his life. Aesthetic principles are often ignored yet beauty abounds quite naturally often in most unusual ways. Mans own intuitive instinct is a precious commodity worthy of greater recognition and understanding. The entire visual works presented for higher degree together with the written narrative represent a search for just a few of mans unwitting contributions. The thesis supports the major practical involvement by recording, in diary form, the writer's reaction to a few of these 'unconscious' contributions to nature's beauty; with an analysis of his own thoughts, and reactions to the use of materials, techniques, composition,colour and form creating a process of evaluation. Justification and comment are offered on the dilemma of perception in the expression of artistic beliefs as support to the theory that accurate self analysis can lead to wider communication and a better understanding of the nature of creativity.