Managing local water resources by communities in semi-arid environments in Nepal

2018-02-12T15:07:51Z (GMT) by Rabindra Osti
During recent years in Nepal, much attention has been given to promote participatory community-based water management as a viable means of support for the enhancement of rural livelihood. Undergoing water development trends in Nepal has instantly had contributed to the project efficiency and to the community’s management but has done little for long-term sustainability and little to address water scarcity, conflicts and problems associated with equity and social disparities. In this paper the sustainability concept is discussed on the background of provision of community-based multipurpose water projects for the holistic development of rural-mountain communities in Nepal. Humble innovations of community’s management for multipurpose water projects can provide powerful benefits to the poor and disadvantaged. It is hoped that these practical methods will assist agencies and communities to improve the operational strategies of any water development program.