Mathematical modeling and design of layer crystallization in a concentric annulus with and without recirculation

A solution layer crystallization process in a concentric annulus is presented that removes the need for filtration. A dynamic model for layer crystallization with and without a recirculation loop is developed in the form of coupled partial differential equations describing the effects of mass transfer, heat transfer, and crystallization kinetics. The model predicts the variation of the temperature, concentration, and dynamic crystal thickness along the pipe length, and the concentration and temperature along the pipe radius. The model predictions are shown to closely track experimental data that were not used in the model's construction, and also compared to an analytical solution that can be used for quickly obtaining rough estimates when there is no recirculation loop. The model can be used to optimize product yield and crystal layer thickness uniformity, with constraints on the supersaturation to avoid bulk nucleation by adjusting cooling temperatures in the core and jacket. © 2013 American Institute of Chemical Engineers.