Mathematical modelling of wave–structure interactions with application to wave energy conversion

2019-06-19T08:08:10Z (GMT) by Federica Buriani
Energy conversion from ocean waves is one of the core themes of the energy global challenge research for the sustainability of the planet. New trends of wave energy
technologies attempt to explore new paths and intend to bring new answers to the problem of the competitiveness of the produced energy for conventional devices. This thesis provides the reader with mathematical models of wave-structure interactions applied to novel concepts of wave energy converters: a flexible piezoelectric wave energy harvester and a floater blanket wave energy converter. In chapter 1 I present an overview of the field of wave energy, a brief history and descriptions of working principles and technologies of wave energy conversion along with a number of classi cation schemes. Classical systems as well as new trends in the form of flexible or deformable converters and hybrid systems are presented. [Continues.]