Maximizing the ‘value’ of improved water services in small towns

2006-06-05T10:40:03Z (GMT) by Josses Mugabi Cyrus Njiru
This paper examines the value concept drawing on literature from consumer behaviour and services marketing disciplines. The relevance of the concept to water services management, particularly in small towns is highlighted. Consistent with other services or goods, the authors contend that value perceptions play a crucial role in consumer decision-making as regards improved water service use. To influence consumer decisions to utilise improved water services such as piped water, and the willingness to sustain the services, service providers should put more emphasis on maximising consumer perceived value of the service offering. The authors propose a wide range of value maximisation strategies. It is also suggested that water sector practitioners and researchers pay more attention to consumer behaviour studies so as to promote a consumer-centred approach to water service delivery.