Measuring the changes to leader brand associations during the 2010 election campaign

2014-06-06T14:56:25Z (GMT) by Gareth Smith Alan French
The 2010 UK General Election was unique in that for the first time, televised leaders' debates took place. The impact of these plus paid for advertising and uncontrolled events are considered, and their likely affect on the image of Brown, Cameron, and Clegg, the three main party leaders, discussed. Then, using a brand-mapping approach, we analyse changes to consumer perceptions of the leader brands from just prior to the first debate through to he election day itself, Thursday 6 May. Specifically, we consider whether, over the campaign, the number of leader associations increases, which policies were ssociated with which leader, and the favourability of the leaders associations. We then use a measure of brand-image strength to chart overall changes to the leaders. Finally, we consider how Brown's image was affected by the so-called Duffy' affair. © 2011 Westburn Publishers Ltd.