Media relations in English football clubs

2016-06-23T09:54:48Z (GMT) by Elisavet Manoli
External corporate communications are regarded as a vital function for both the everyday running and the long-term success of the sport industry in general and the football industry in particular. However, the examination of media relations in football, especially in regards to traditional media, appears to attract little research, regardless of its great impact on corporate reputation and image management. This study examines how media relations are managed, by investigating the current practice in English Premier League clubs. The analysis of the practices employed in the clubs underlines the disparity within them, which is further highlighted by the various Communications and Media departments’ structures encountered. From building formal relations between the clubs and traditional media, to developing clubs’ own media to exclude traditional media from the communications process, or even sustaining informal personal relations between clubs’ employees and members of the media, this study illustrates the key media relations practices encountered within English football clubs.