Mesoscopic investigation of size effect in notched concrete beams: The role of fracture process zone

2019-07-19T12:42:29Z (GMT) by Rongxin Zhou Han-Mei Chen
A comprehensive mesoscopic investigation has been conducted into the classic topic of size effect, using notched plain concrete beams subjected to three-point bending as a test bed. The concrete beams are modelled as random heterogeneous material containing three components, coarse aggregates, mortar and the interface transition zone. Mesoscopic numerical simulations using a 2D mesoscale continuum damage-based model, enhanced by a nonlocal treatment, is used to capture the whole fracture process in concrete materials. Both global and local numerical results are then examined and verified with relevant experimental evidence from the literature. A stress field interaction theory based on the strip yield model is proposed to interpret the size effect phenomenon and the role of detailed fracture process zone features is discussed accordingly