Method of masses to determine a projectile's aerodynamic coefficients and performance

2018-05-02T10:04:39Z (GMT) by Bruce J. Holley
The thesis traces the history of missile aerodynamic prediction methods and defines the aerodynamic requirements for the subsonic free-flight projectiles configurations under consideration. Different types of trajectory model are described with the aerodynamic input requirement being analysed. Methods of generating the required aerodynamic data for the trajectory models are discussed emphasising the aerodynamic models capabilities, weaknesses and ease of use. The method of masses aerodynamic prediction method is defined, highlighting the adaptations to the method that were carried out to generate the aerodynamic stability data required for subsequent projectile trajectory analysis. An assessment of the sensitivity and accuracy of the simulated data is carried out using experimental flight trial data on different projectile configurations. Finally, using the simulation models developed in previous chapters, a parametric analysis is carried out on different projectile configurations to optimise the trajectory performance.