Micro CT analysis of dynamic damage in laminates: impact vs. blast loading

Dynamic loading is often an unavoidable condition in various applications of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers and can cause various modes of damage. Realisation of dynamic damage in composites can differ significantly from that under quasi-static loading conditions. A comprehensive study of damage in composites caused by a wide variety of impact and blast loading is currently lacking. The work presents a detailed analysis of damage in specimens of a 2×2 twill weave T300 carbon-fibre/epoxy composite subjected to ballistic loading with both steel and ice projectiles (with energies from 95 J to 865 J at 70-90 m/s and 300-500 m/s, respectively) and air blast (with incident pressures of 0.4 MPa, 0.6 MPa and 0.8 MPa and wave speeds between 650 m/s and 950 m/s). The resultant damage was analysed in-depth based on detailed volumetric data obtained with high-resolution X-ray micro computed tomography.