Microstructural characterisation of a bulk, spraycast Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloy

2011-06-23T09:21:40Z (GMT) by Enzo Liotti
Legislative and environmental demands are increasing the pressure on transport industries to introduce vehicles with lower weight, greater efficiency and reduced emissions while remaining competitive. For these reason the aerospace, defence and automotive industries worldwide are unanimous in the call for the development of new alloys with a step-change in performance. In the present thesis the results of the thorough microstructural and mechanical properties investigation of a 19 kg spraycast billet of the normally nanoquasicrystalline containing composition Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 produced at Oxford University along with three binary Al intermetallics: Al3Ti, Al13Cr2 an Al13Fe4 produced by suction casting in the form of 5 mm rods at Sheffield University are presented and discussed.