Mobile technology for improved governance, resilience and sustainability of water supplies in Ethiopia

2018-11-02T14:25:52Z (GMT) by M. Gizaw Camila Garbutt J. Faltus
The non-functionality of water schemes remains a major factor preventing climate resilient development. Communities most at-risk to the effects of climate change often rely on deep groundwater sources during times of drought. These water schemes rely on complex technology to extract water from the deep groundwater sources. When the water schemes fail, support from external service providers, typically the Woreda, Zonal or Regional Water Officers, is necessary for repairs. This paper examines the multiple dimensions of sustainability in rural, drought-prone Ethiopia. It focusses in on the intersection of the institutional, social and economic sustainability dimensions and the information management system needed to ensure downward accountability of service providers towards communities. The innovative WaterReport technology is introduced as a mechanism for enhancing these three dimensions of sustainability.