Modelling and optimisation of Solid Polymer Fuel Cell (SPFC) systems for transportation and stationary applications

2018-08-22T08:19:14Z (GMT) by Maheboob B.V. Virji
Research and development of solid polymer fuel cell (SPFC) systems for the transportation and stationary power generation industries has evolved rapidly over the last decade. This growth has been due to the ever-increasing demand for a cleaner and more efficient technology in these industries. To compete with the existing technology, SPFC systems have to be highly efficient at both full and partial loads, environmentally friendly (in terms of emissions and noise) and competitively priced. For many applications, SPFCs have the potential to deliver a system that can fulfil these criteria. However, a number of system design issues have to be addressed in order to provide a well-integrated and optimised system, which is a practical alternative to conventional modes of energy conversion. [Continues.]