Modelling of servo-controlled pneumatic drives: a generalised approach to pneumatic modelling and applications in servo-drive design

2018-10-30T11:27:07Z (GMT) by Pud-Tai (John) Mo
The primary objective of this research is to develop a general modelling facility for modular pneumatic servo-drives. The component-oriented approach has been adopted as the modelling technique to provide the flexibility of modelling a wide variety of components and the segmentation of the non-linear system to less complex uncoupled component modules. A significant part of the research work has been devoted to identify a series of component modules of the single axis linear pneumatic servomechanism with standardised linking variables. The mathematical models have been implemented in a simulation software which produces time domain responses for design evaluation purposes. Alternative components for different servomechanism design were modelled as mutually exclusive modules which could be selected for assembly as if they were real physical entities. The philosophy of the approach was validated by tests on prototype servo-drives with matching components. Design analysis could be performed by simulating and comparing the performance of alternative system structures. [Continues.]