Modelling the creation of polymer fibres for nonwoven fabrics

2019-12-02T08:57:35Z (GMT) by Alan Grice
This project aims to develop a mesh based “Force Calculation Model” of the meltblowing process. To develop this model, the resulting forces due to air flow over the fibre during air-drawing must be calculated. This individually, however, is not enough. The model must be developed parametrically to allow rapid simulation of a variety of die geometries and process parameters. This allows researchers as well as industrial users to predict fibre behaviour and size – and thus the properties of the resulting fibre mats quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, an algorithm to calculate the force on the fibre at any given point with any given air speed and die geometry must be developed. This was achieved using fundamental fluid dynamics models for jets in a free space, which are solved using a Python script and output into MSC MARC, with the corresponding geometry and mesh being automatically created.