Models of design and technology and their significance for research and curriculum development

2010-06-30T10:46:32Z (GMT) by P.H. Roberts E.W.L. Norman
Modelling is the activity that is central to designing, and is therefore central in the designing of a school curriculum. The models of designing and of the curriculum that are formed shape both the evolution of the curriculum and its subsequent evaluation. A brief introduction charts some of the reasons for the evolution of simplistic models of designing and notes some of their dangers. The nature of problems in design and technology is discussed. Some theoretical difficulties in expressing ideas about design and technology are noted and hence the consequential merits of an empirical approach are made evident. The rigorous analysis of good practice should play an important part in research and curriculum development in design and technology, but it is crucial to recognise that such analysis will be influenced by the viewpoint (models held) by the analyst.