Motor vehicle and pedal cycle conspicuity: part 3 - retroreflective and fluorescent materials, disability glare of graphic markings

2005-10-18T15:43:44Z (GMT) by Sharon Cook
The aim of the assessment was to determine if the application of retro-reflective graphics material in conjunction with contour markings to the side face of heavy and long vehicles and their trailers could result in disability glare. Disability glare is the reduction in the ability to see objects due to bright light sources in the visual field. It was assessed in this study by measuring the extent to which the presence of a pedestrian on the road between the truck and an approaching driver could be detected. For reference, the Draft Regulation XA defines contour markings as ‘a series of rectangular strips intended to be placed in such a way that it shows the contour of the vehicle to the side or rear’. Graphics markings are ‘additional coloured markings intended to be placed within the contour marking’ which are of a lower retro-reflective performance than the contour markings.