Multisectoral collaboration in Liberia: INGO WASH consortium: lessons learnt and experiences shared

2018-02-12T15:07:52Z (GMT) by Chantal Richey
Liberia, West Africa is emerging relatively successfully from the devastation of years of violent and brutal civil war and is reasonably on track to meet the goals of the countries poverty reduction strategy (PRS) finalised in mid 2008. The Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) PRS goals are largely being addressed through International Non Governmental Organisation (INGO) support and an effective means of collaboration has emerged in the form of an INGO WASH Consortium comprised of five key agencies intervening in the WASH sector in Liberia. This paper presents a practical case study of the Liberian WASH Consortiums strategy, structure, funding sources, key achievements and lessons learnt during the first year of collaboration. The Liberian WASH Consortium is being cited by key donors and relevant stakeholders as an innovative and effective means of meeting the basic humanitarian water and sanitation needs in Liberia as well as strongly supporting the transition from emergency relief to sustainable development.