Non-excusable delays in construction

2018-10-05T10:34:03Z (GMT) by Muhammad Z. Abdul Majid
Existing literature and research findings indicated that delays are common amongst construction projects in many countries across the globe. Delays can be caused by one or more of the following: the client (excusable with compensation); force majeur or third party (excusable delays without compensation); or the contractors (non-excusable delays or contractor-responsible delays). Previous studies cited that approximately 50% of these delays can be classified as non-excusable delays. The root-causes (or factors) that cause non-excusable delays identified in these studies however, are given no detailed attention. Improving and constantly monitoring the factors causing non-excusable delays can help to determine and improve contractor's performance. This research explores issues related to the factors causing non-excusable delays. [Continues.]