Off-road vehicle dynamics

2013-11-15T13:29:06Z (GMT) by David A. Crolla
This thesis attempts to draw together the author's contributions to the subject of "Off-Road Vehicle Dynamics" over the past twenty years. A selection of papers, seventeen in all, is chosen from a longer list of publications on the basis that these papers together form the main substance of the thesis. The papers cover many topics under the broad heading of off-road vehicle dynamics and contain original contributions in ride vibration, steering, slope stability, tyre force generation, braking, implement control and power-take-off driveline dynamics. A supporting statement is presented which attempts to show the sustained theme behind these papers. Rather than repeat any of the substance of the papers, the statement is intended to act as a brief guide through the papers, explaining their cohesiveness and highlighting key contributions. Since much of the, research work described in these publications was carried out in the context of larger research projects, a curriculum vitae is appended to indicate the nature and scope of these projects.