On multi-head automata with restricted nondeterminism

2012-05-25T10:39:23Z (GMT) by Daniel Reidenbach Markus L. Schmid
In this work, we consider deterministic two-way multi-headautomata, the input heads of which are nondeterministically initialised, i.e., in every computation each input head is initially located at some nondeterministically chosen position of the input word. This model serves as an instrument to investigate restrictednondeterminism of two-way multi-headautomata. Our result is that, in terms of expressive power, two-way multi-headautomata with nondeterminism in form of nondeterministically initialising the input heads or with restrictednondeterminism in the classical way, i.e., in every accepting computation the number of nondeterministic steps is bounded by a constant, do not yield an advantage over their completely deterministic counter-parts with the same number of input heads. We conclude this paper with a brief application of this result.