On the dephasing time of the chiral metal

2013-07-18T07:32:22Z (GMT) by Joseph Betouras
In the low-dimensional disordered systems the dephasing time and the inelastic scattering (out-scattering) time are in general different. We show that in the case of the two-dimensional chiral metal which is formed at the surface of a layered three-dimensional system, which is exhibiting the integer quantum Hall effect, these two quantities are essentially the same and their temperature dependence is T. In particular, we show that the results obtained using the diagramatic technique and the phase uncertainty approach introduced by A. Stern et al. (Phys. Rev. A, 41 (1990) 3436) for the out-scattering and the dephasing time, respectively, coincide. We furthermore consider these quantities in the case of the three-dimensional chiral metal, where similar conclusions are reached.