Organizational safety climate: a case study of comparing two OHSAS certified food processing plants

Current study determines the level of safety climate in food sector of Pakistan that has been done two different milk processing plants of the same organization, with different management and locations. Safety climate was measured through survey using questionnaire. Reliability of the questionnaire prepared to measure safety climate was found good. Response rate of the respondents was quite encouraging (69%) as 226 out of 300 respondents replied back. Mean scores of safety climate at plant A is 4.16 and plant B is 4.19 out of 5, which indicates good safety climate at both plants. Out of eight safety climate dimensions ‘safety training’ and ‘safety priority over production ‘have low mean scores which indicates need for improvement in these areas .Results of independent sample t-test show that two dimensions ‘management commitment to safety’ and ‘safety priority over production’ differ significantly between two plants. Results further conclude that out of 226 respondents only 01 respondent reported an accident during period of twelve months and this accident was non-fatal, which is also an indication of good safety climate at both plants.