Outcomes from a distributed design studio

This exhibition aims to demonstrate the specific outcomes which have been generated by students participating in the Globally Distributed Design Studio course conducted across three universities, Delft, Napier and Northumbria. The exhibition of the specific student outcomes from this course such as prototypes, models, design development concepts and briefs provides conference delegates with additional data regarding the Globally Distributed Design Studio course, thereby supplementing the accompanying paper which evaluates students’ learning within this course. The Globally Distributed Design Studio course was developed with aim of providing students with skills in distance communication and distance teamwork. The basic idea was to set-up experiential learning environment and to link student product development teams around the globe in ‘designer’ and ‘client’ roles. It was anticipated that taking up the roles of both ‘client’ and ‘designer’ would encourage the embedding of design process stages in student practices, thereby enhancing student learning. The paper describes the details of the course structure, process and outcomes.