Oxfam's experience in WATSAN in Ethiopia

2018-02-12T15:09:22Z (GMT) by Abate Eshetu
Oxfam Great Britain (Oxfam GB) started its involvement in water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia in 1984/85 when northern Ethiopia was hit by drought and famine. During that time it did construction of hand dug wells and developments of springs for the communities in Delanta-Dawunt Woreda (district) of North Wollo Zone of Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia. Its involvement in the sector, in the mean time, increased in other parts of the country by implementing either by its own or in partnership with other agencies. In addressing the water supply of the communities, Oxfam GB had two main objectives namely: • To improve access to water, and • To improve the quality of water. In order to achieve the above objectives, it had employed different strategies in choosing appropriate technology, in involving communities, in addressing gender issues and sustainability of the systems.