PC-RED for IPv6: algorithm and performance analysis

2009-01-30T11:22:08Z (GMT) by Yunqiu Li Shuang-Hua Yang
This paper presents a Priority Checking Random Early Detection (PC-RED) gateway for ensuring the Quality of Service (QoS) of high priority dataflow in IPv6 networks. A bit in the IP header is used in PC-RED to label the current status of the QoS that the dataflow is being treated in, which is determined by the difference between the packet average-dropping rate and the fixed desired limit dropping rate of the dataflow. PC-RED would perform dissimilarly to every dataflow corresponding to the different QoS status throughout congestions. PC-RED has been modeled and the parameter setting has been studied. Simulation result shows remarkable contrast between the High-Priority and Non-Priority dataflow throughput under PC-RED mechanism.