Patterns of conservation and domestic water use in different cultures: a comparison between Mexico and the UK

2011-12-08T11:41:25Z (GMT) by Gloria M. Elizondo Vicky Lofthouse
Most water‐related behaviours in the home happen as routines that are shaped by a series of circumstantial factors that can be perceived to have similarities within certain groups of people. The paper presents findings from an on‐going PhD project, which is looking to provide an understanding of the influence of cultural background on designing products and services for sustainable behaviour in regards to water use. The paper reflects on the process of data collection through an online questionnaire and the administration of cultural probes in both the UK and Mexico. It argues the complexity of water use/waste whilst doing the dishes, partly derived from the cultural, behavioural and geographical circumstances, which also have an influence on the perception of personal use of water in the home. It concludes by outlining opportunities for using these insights of cultural influence on washing up habits to support the design of products that can lead to a more sustainable use of water.