Performance evaluation of a robot-mounted interferometer for an industrial environment

2020-01-08T12:01:05Z (GMT) by Istvan Biro Peter Kinnell
High value manufacturing requires production-integrated, fast, multi-sensor and multi-scale inspection. To meet this need, the robotic deployment of sensors within the factory environment is becoming increasingly popular. For microscale measurement applications, robot-mountable versions of high-resolution instruments, that are traditionally deployed in a laboratory environment, are now becoming available. However, standard methodologies for the evaluation of these instruments, particularly when mounted to a robot, have yet to be fully defined, and therefore, there is limited independent evaluation data to describe the potential performance of these systems. In this paper, a detailed evaluation approach is presented for light-weight robot mountable scanning interferometric sensors. Traditional evaluation approaches are considered and extended to account for robotic sensor deployment within industrial environments. The applicability and value of proposed evaluation is demonstrated through the comprehensive characterization of a Heliotis H6 interferometric sensors. The results indicate the performance of the sensor, in comparison to a traditional laboratory-based system, and demonstrate the limits of the sensor capability. Based-on the evaluation an effective strategy for robotic deployment of the sensor is demonstrated.