Performance measurements at varying irradiance spectrum, intensity and module temperature of amorphous silicon solar cells

This paper demonstrates photovoltaic (PV) device performance measurements for energy rating and energy yield calculation derived indoors with an LED-based solar simulator prototype under varying irradiance (G), temperature (T) and spectrum (E), opening the possibility for much faster and more accurate energy yield prediction than previously possible from measurements acquired either indoors or outdoors, with the additional inclusion of spectral influences. The main aspects of the LED-based solar simulator used are described briefly and the measurement method with its requirements is explained in detail. Also presented are the first performance measurements made with an amorphous silicon solar cell; measuring the spectral effects reported in outdoor measurements for the first time in the laboratory. Results show a good agreement with previously reported spectral effects from outdoor measurements and underline the importance to consider all three environmental vectors (irradiance, spectrum and device temperature) for energy yield focused measurements.